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Fishing at Finchale

Two mile stretch of the river Wear.

A variety of fish from prime Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout and course fishing.

Long streamy runs, glides and deep holes gives you perfect fly ,spinner and worm water for game fishing.

For the course fisherman, float, feeder and bomb, with maggot, caster and worm will tempt Barbell, Chub, Dace, Grayling Gudgeon and Eels

Finchale Abbey Fishing Rules

1/ A valid " Environment Agency " licence must be produced before a day or season ticket will be issued
2/ No Day, season ticket , or licence to be transferred.
3/ Fishing will only take place on the "Abbey " bank approximately one mile upstream and a mile down
4/ No more than one rod to be used at any one time
5/ No nets (fyke), or traps to be used.
6/ All coarse fish to be returned
7/ Keepnets must be at lest 8 feet in length, not less than 15 inches in diameter, of knotless material.
8/ Fish to be retained in Keepnets no more than 5 hours, no trout to be kept in Keepnets
9/ Two fish in season may be kept, brown trout (10") all others to be returned.
10/ No fires
11/ No maggots to be used during close season; March 15th - June 15th, both dates inclusive.
12/ The Riparion owner has the right to terminate your day or season ticket without refund, if it is proven that you have broken any of the above rules, or any other "ENVIRONMENT AGENCY" rules.

This Water has a working Bailiff

Method of Fishing

March 16th - June 15th
Fly, spinner or worm only

June 16th -March 15th
Any Legal Method

March 16th - June 15th
Ban on maggot

All dates inclusive


Feburary 1st - Salmon Season Opens

March 14th - Coarse Fishing Season Closes

March 22nd - Brown Trout Season Opens

April 3rd - Sea Trout Season Opens

June 16th - Coarse Fishing Season Opens

(Any salmon caught before June 16th must be returned immediately)


September 30th - Brown Trout Season Closes

October 31st - Salmon and Sea Trout Season Closes



Please note that Anglers are advised to wear a lifejacket and a wading stick is advised.

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